global economic strategy game, which allows you to earn in the cryptoworld
Create your own cryptoworld!
Possess! Control! Dominate!
The world without borders
The World of Mainasset is a global blockchain, that ensures the functioning of virtual economy. A User can create and run his own business by means of our strategy game simulation.
Mathematical Model
All bissiness in the cryptoworld compete with each other and are interconnected through a mathematical model, that operates step-by-step. The cryptoworld changes in response to the decisions made by Users.
Choose Your path
Real world is full of fears and constraints. There is no "Save" button there. But Mainasset gives You an opportunity to make Your dream of becoming a bisinessman come true in the virtual world.
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The conditions of taking part in the ICO are the most favorable at the early stage.
Mainasset's values
Social significance
Mainasset's Cryptoworld teaches business skills.
Various cryptoworld's models allow You to gain experience and to choose the best solution.
Mainasset's Cryptoworld is focused on practice and not on the theory.
Scientific approach
Mainasset is based on the up-to-date economic models.
Only clear and well-known terms and conceptions will be used in the game process.
Mainasset's Cryptoworld is pioneer on his way to make the Cryptotechnologies penetrate into all asspects of people's lives.
Emotional involvement
People of different cultures from all around the world can take part in our strategy game.
The Mainasset economy
The MAS token
The MAS token is the general unit of account in the Cryptoworld. 10 000 000 MAS tokens will be issued during tje pre-ICO ans ICO.
The Mainasset Fund
The Mainasset Fund is an uncontrolled, automated issuer of the new MAS tokens.
Liquidity of the MAS token
80% of the capital attracted at the ICO stage and more than 50% of the income will be reserved to ensure the MAS token liquidity. Each MAS token in free circulation will be backed by the ETH crypto currency: the User will be able to exchange his tokens to ETH at any time.
Organisation ICO
Road map
november 2017
december 2017
february 2018
Mobile Application
3Q 2018
Foundation Apps
4Q 2018
Stas Sorokin
cryptoworld architect
Sergei Fedostsev
operations manager
Daria Sachs
marketing communication manager
Aryana Yugay
Maxim Korovin
front-end developer
Viktor Olegovich Pelevin
great Russian writer, whose creativity inspires the founders of the Cryptoworld
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